Planning to move to your new home in Dubai can be exciting as well as quite hectic. Well it may one of the special days in your life but it definitely brings with it lots of worries, hassles, and stresses.

First one is that you are going to leave a house where you spent years and had memories and leaving it may not be that easy to get over this feeling but don’t worry surely you are going to reside in a much better one where you can start a new chapter of life. New people, new opportunities must be waiting.

The problems that are mentioned earlier can be numerous that are to be faced on the D-day. Well lots of people will give you different suggestions and advices about contacting expert packers and movers in Dubai and you will also have some idea about what to do and what not to do. But we have arranged some extremely useful and easy tips for you so that you stay away from the fuss on the day of moving. Just keep on reading

Give yourself some time

Make a plan days before you move. This will give you enough time to sort out things. Figure out how much time can it take to pack each and everything. Make sure to start before that that as it will allow you sufficient time to discard the useless, pack essential and sort out different luggage.

Sort out

Divide your luggage into categories like which one to donate, which one to sell to ragman, which useless luggage needs to be thrown away and the most important that needs to be taken to the new home.

Packing tape

You need to have enough packing tape to pack all the boxes and other things to make sure that nothing breaks or is misplaced at the time of moving in this luxurious city. It is often seen that those boxes that are not properly sealed may not reach the destination place with all the equipment in them. So pack properly.

One room at a time

The simple formula devised for the Dubai movers or movers anywhere is that pack one room at a time. To keep yourself organized don’t rush to the next room without completely packing the first one. This will allow you to move in a sequence and the entire luggage can also be well managed.


Label each and every box whether it is small or large. The boxes must be marked with contents and the room whose luggage they are containing. It will be extremely helpful in the new home as the box which is containing the luggage if kitchen items will not be opened in the drawing room.

Another great tip is to label all sides of the boxes as in case if the members of the Dubai movers company stack it diagonally, vertically or under other boxes you don’t have any problem to identify and direct which box needs to go to the specific room.

Electronic appliances

Make sure that you have enough packing material like foam or thermocol before you make a move. If not then ask the company for it with whom you have contracted for the shifting. Foam, thermocol or bubble plastic or bubble wrap that makes sure that the electronics and other fragile things don’t break while shifting and are perfectly aright when they land in the new house because you have spent lots of money on these expensive appliances.


Coupling with electronic appliances furniture also holds the place for most expensive equipment in the home that makes it clear for the packers and movers in Dubai to handle it carefully.  It must be made sure that an experienced team of furniture movers in Dubai should be assigned the job that possess expertise in handling and shifting the expensive and most loved furniture pieces.

Extra care for delicate things

Take extra care of the expensive sofas, lamps pictures, mirrors, decoration pieces, wall clocks and all the fragile things. Make sure to cover the sofas and other upholstery items with cloth sheets to keep them free from dust and blots that can appear while shifting. Things like these should be given ultra care and any breakable thing must be picked, handled stacked, and unloaded with precision.

Now two of the important things that must be kept in mind before moving from place to another.

Important documents

Remember to make a file of the important documents pr each member can arrange his/her own file of documents like birth certificates, academic records and degrees, paid bills and warranty cards, passports, new job contract, contract of selling the house with the new owner etc and other contract or documents of any kind.

Communicate with the family members

Make sure that you have clear cut communication with all the family members before moving as it will not only make the whole process easy but nothing is supposed to be left if every member tick marks the things of his/her use and interest.

These were some of the tips of a safe and sound packing from your current home to the new one that need to be followed so that each and everything is according to the plan.

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