International Move Services

EURO FAST LINE MOVERS is one of the most trusted international moving company in Dubai, we are a British run international moving company and we offer international moving services to many destinations throughout the world.When seeking international moving companies it is important to choose a moving company that fully understands and caters to your specific needs. After all international moving companies are entrusted by you to move your most treasured items across the world therefore it is important you choose a reputable international moving company.

International movers must ensure the right level of planning is undertaken given the additional factors involved when moving internationally compared to moving within Dubai such as shipping, export packing, documentation, customs and adherence to local laws and regulations.

If you are looking for a friendly, reputable, reliable and cost effective international moving company, With over 600 locations worldwide we are the most respected International Movers Company and freight forwarders.

Each year tens of thousands of people trust us as their international movers.

We understand with everything that you have to think about when moving internationally you shouldn’t have to worry about the move itself.

Relocating to a new country has its uncertainties and hesitations when dealing with different customs  and possibly a different language. We understand that it’s not just about moving your furniture.

With EURO FAST LINE MOVERS, you can relax knowing that you are covered door-to-door every step of the way with the largest International Relocation Dubai and worldwide shipping company. That’s why more people choose EURO FAST LINE MOVERS as their International Movers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Whether you are relocating into U.A.E from Australia, Europe or US or moving back home, EURO FAST LINE MOVERS will make the move as easy and convenient as possible for you. At EURO FAST LINE MOVERS we have you  covered with every aspect of your international move. We also offer to our International Movers clients the  facility of Insurance against their costly Equipments, Appliances, Furniture, Vehicles and other costly goods  being moved in the whole procedure.Please give us a call or send us a survey request to arrange you your  free no obligation survey.




1. We are truly international

With our own local offices in over 39 locations and a team that speaks more than 40 languages we are able to coordinate every aspect of your international move quickly and efficiently.

No matter how complex your move needs are, we will have the solution and help alleviate any unnecessary stress.

2. We will provide you with a clear quotation

Regardless of your origin and destination, we will give you options. Our team can give you more than one quotation so you can decide on the service that best suits your needs. Our clear quotations will identify the components of our service as well as any anticipated charges (i.e. customs duties and taxes, inspections, governmental fees) that you maybe faced with along the way so you can best prepare and budget for this move.

Our team will be transparent so that you do not get any surprises along the way.


3. We track your move every step of the way

Our centralized team of Move Coordinators will navigate the flow of your goods from door-to-door and follow the progress of any air, sea or road transit that your personal goods encounter.

Our trained, dedicated coordinators track every shipment so they remain within the proposed time frame and you are kept up to date throughout the process.

4. We offer tailor-made services including:

  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Guaranteed Pick Up and Delivery Service
  • Custom Crating

Disassembly and Re-assembly of furniture Appliance / White Goods Service Removal and Installation of Electronics Handling of Heavy Items (i.e. safe, piano, hot tub, gym equipment) Hanging of pictures/artwork Floor and Wall Protection Cleaning & Debris Disposal Storage (short term or long term) Pet Handling and Transportation