Moving from one house to another one in the same or another country can be extremely pleasurable and at the same can be mundane and tiresome. Pleasurable and exciting due to the fact that you are moving for the better, to a new atmosphere and surroundings and mundane and tiresome because you will have to pack each and everything of your house and clean every inch of the house for the next family to move in.


Packing and moving can sometimes be so boring and hectic that people tend to make some serious mistakes and mismanage their luggage and important belongings. Most people take the whole task so lightly that at the D-day nothing is accomplished by them and in this hassle time they can’t even come up with a solution or idea due to spinning of mind due to worries of time.

Although there are a lot of mistakes people make but some of the common mistakes people make while moving are listed below and we recommend that these need to be avoided at all costs. Here they are



Time is the biggest issue so it’s highly recommended that you start before the crunch time and start thinking about the shifting weeks before the fixed day. Contact a reputed packers and movers in your area and make a deal with them so that you can stay away from the fuss in the last few days.

Research your service provider

Oh hold on! Have you researched for the company with whom you made a deal? No! Better do it now and find experienced and well reputed international movers in Dubai. Ask them questions about their earlier projects and ask for their license and check to see whether they are permitted to move internationally or not. Thoroughly check their reputation and read the reviews of their client on their site.

Expenses on packing

Newspapers, Thermocol, air plastic bags and boxes are easily available free of cost. So if you start early then these things can easily be collected in small amounts regularly from the electronic shops and furniture stores etc. newspapers tally is also likely to go up if early packing is decided.

Packing of heavy items

Heavy items are ones that demand great care while packing so don’t do it carelessly. Pack them with great care and don’t forget to use the thermocol or the air plastic bags or sheets as they can absorb shocks even if the equipment falls to the ground.


Don’t just let the moving services providers throw you expensive sofas and furniture as it is in the trucks. Either completely cover them by yourselves or ask furniture movers in Dubai to pack and cover them properly and load them with extreme care as you have spent hundreds or thousands of bucks buying them.

Be careful in case of packing flammable and explosive materials

Make sure that you are aware of the laws of the region where you are landing and it allows the explosive, flammable and corrosive materials. If not then it will be a complete violation of law and you will land yourself and the Dubai movers company in trouble. Stay safe and read the laws of the region where you are headed.

Take measurements

It is important to make measurements of the rooms and entry points in the new house as you don’t want to move in a new home where the furniture or other important equipment cannot be entered through the front door or the doors of the rooms. This can create a big mess.

Take care of your lading bill

Make sure to take care of the lading bill. A lading bill is the proof of the deal between the client and the moving services providers. It will be needed in case any reference needs to be made or you are troubled by the service. If in any cases a problem arises, a laden bill should be a must without which claims may not be possible.

Not labeling the boxes

It is a big mistake and should not be done. It must be made sure that the boxes are labeled on at least two sides. The labeling must include the names or category of the products enclosed and also the room where they should be placed in the new home.

Don’t be blunt with your movers

Keep in good terms with the shifting services providers and don’t shout out loud or yell at them. Remember as they are handling all your appliances, equipment and fragile things and such an act can cost you dearly. If you don’t want any of your things to be mismanaged, talk in polite tone and make an impressive impression of yours so that each piece of your luggage is safe.

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